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Advanced calculator to solve the most complex mathematical equations smart phone

Of course there are many calculators applications on the Google Play store, from which can solve mathematical problems by phone camera, some of the other you can write on the screen, etc. .. models. But despite that sometimes these applications may not succeed in solving some complex mathematical problems that require graphs and so on. In this post you will learn together on a powerful machine and professional calculator to solve the most complex issues mathematical equations.

The new machine is a calculator of the development of Russian programmers under the name of '' micro Mathematics ". This unique application in fact is the real and only alternative may be to Wolfram site that can solve most of the mathematical equations
micro Mathematics dramatically different from the rest of the applications that offer the same service. It is the first calculator based on the Android system accounts .az you can create a complete document with formulas, graphs and Nas.alttbaiq has an excellent interface tables, to be used does not need to know the language. Just type a mathematical expression and the application will provide you with the necessary means and tools to reach the conclusion that it allows you .aljamil calculates the values of the accounting tables in the form of detailed graphs interact with the values that change in the equation
The application is available in two versions free version that can be downloaded fromHere Android . As forThe paid versionThey provide you with additional features such as the establishment of three-dimensional drawings and do calculations more complex


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